Black and White


The installation is composed of four CUBE-CAGES ( 91x91cm ) made with bars of Spanish cedar, burned by torch, without sealing the grain and emphasizing the texture of the wood. Each cube dismantles into 6 panels. The cages are suspended from the ceiling with fine, almost imperceptible wires, giving the impression that the 4 thicker metal CABLES, which are installed from wall to wall, parallel like train tracks, are those which really support and transport the Cube-Cages. The length of the cables can vary and elongate depending on the space which is used.

The suspended 4 CUBES form, with the full-empty spaces, a great spacial cube over a field of COTTON with a total surface area on the ground of ( 273x273cm ). The field of cotton is formed by the organic natural flowers of the cotton plant, approximately three thousand. The surface of the cotton is bordered by the 4 profiles of bars of burned wood 2x2x273cm long. From a birds eye view especially, a cross is formed. From the center of such, sounds the VOICE. A small speaker, camouflaged by the cotton, emits the cry, the laughter, the muttering, and the song of the black voice which accompanies the installation like its latent soul.