Ode to Earth


This exhibition is conceived as a global concept, not as isolated art works. The installation unifies the basic and simple elements of life, noble materials. Participation allows the viewer to interact with the individuality of each piece as well as the totality of the work.

Five interrelated elements compose the installation, each to another and all to the whole. They are: the constant whisper of the threshing in the silos and the echo in its dimension, its resonance in the totality of the work; the wheat that carpets the floor which cannot fit into the silos, surplus harvests, while other interests squander the food before quieting the hunger; twelve silos, the annual cycle, which guard the fruit of the earth, on occasion empty, other times full; meditation, quiet testimony which magnifies with its silence the valor of work; and the passage of the visitor, which completes the composition and the full meaning of the work ... to feel underneath naked feet the dimensions of the wheat, the earth, its fruit, work ... with the ritual gesture of an Ode to Earth.

A humble metaphor, which denounces the temporal and material reality of earth, the path of destruction that we are on.